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Get Realistic Clothing Images Through Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services.

Ghost Mannequin Effect -The Best Way to Display Apparel Products

Good product images are a must to stay competitive in a virtual battle. As part of the fashion industry, clothes need stylish exhibitions.

Image Editing Source helps revitalize your products with exquisite quality ghost mannequin effect service for apparel items.

We finalize the work by splitting the process into objective and subjective steps. As a result, the output is obvious for the audience to see how the apparel actually fits a life-like figure. Pricing starts from $0.48!

3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

This effect creates the appearance of a product that performs a full rotation so that customers can view the apparel upfront. The 3d view ensures customers that they see a realistic depiction of the fit of the garment.

It helps your product get volume, make it lively, and how it looks after wearing. Altogether, your viewers get to see a realistic appearance of the product and pique their interest to try your products out.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Apparel that requires the backside to be shown, under our bottom joint service in Ghost Mannequin, we can do that. Here in this part, we conjoin 2 images into one and thus make it complete to look at.

This effectively removes the lower half of the mannequin so that customers can get a better sense of what the bottom of the garment looks like – free of distractions. This effect is very useful for displaying dresses, sweatshirts, etc.

Neck Joint Manipulation

Clothing photos with a mannequin is distracting, so when it gets removed, a gap arises. By joining the front and back parts in the neck area, a real look of the clothing can be given.

In short, this is a combination of multiple images of a garment. By applying this effect, we remove the mannequin distractions from the shoulder/neck region to make the garment visible completely. The service is required for tank tops or low-cut blouses.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

For an online business, clothes need to be visible completely. This includes every subtle part visible or invisible, such as sleeves. To show the inner portion of the sleeve, mannequins’ palms/hands need removal.

Sleeves joint service is required to add sleeves or remove the mannequin from the sleeves and is applicable for full-sleeves, short sleeves of t-shirt, jacket, sweater, etc. Thus this effect ensures that the sole focus is on the product.

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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services Give These Edges

Display Realistic Appearance

Product display is a big factor for virtual businesses. To pull off your target, your clothing product must get attention. Invisible mannequin photo editing helps your product get volume and make a lively and realistic look to ensure uniformity. Such approaches resulted in a positive response.

Cut Model-casting Cost

Casting models cost a pretty penny. One of the reasons behind having models is how the garment looks after wearing. Invisible mannequin service creates the same effect with much minimum cost. It’s easier to get the work done and get nearly the same results in some cases.

Eliminate Distractions

Ghost mannequin image editing helps retain the undivided attention to the products. It removes the background and eliminates distractions. A good picture helps pique viewers’ interest process information about your product they see. Lastly, this altogether helps activate their interest to learn more about your product.

Reach Maximum Audience

Sometimes, customers don’t take models positively; they feel the clothes are for those specific statured people. Using an invisible mannequin effect is far safer from every perspective. This helps to appeal to a greater audience, and thus, it helps to increase your sales.

Get Expert’s Assistance

Outsourcing apparel photo editing services has manifold benefits. This is probably the most important; you can quit worrying about expertise. We have a team of photoshop experts who will handle your project, follow your requirements and deliver the final product within the deadline.

Premium Quality Ghost Mannequin Services at a Competitive Price!


Product presentation defines a lot about you. And ghost mannequin photo editing is one of the best methods of showcasing apparel on various platforms like catalogs, ecommerce platforms, websites, and marketing channels.

Our invisible mannequin services will help remove the mannequin, add volume to the attire, and make it visible like the human body. Altogether it places viewers’ focus solely on the product. Thus, fashionistas get to see the actual look of the cloth and its fitting on a person.

A team of over 150 qualified photoshop experts is assisting us in following through with the schedule. Our integrity, paying attention to details, transparent actions, and pricing, as well as ensuring satisfactory services, have made us different from the traditional ghost mannequin service provider, and we take pride in that.

We aim to become the partner for your business growth!

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